RadioActive Re:Bell – a RadioActive-reflexive show at the BAMRADIONETWORK!

I’ve been invited on behalf of our RadioActive activities to host a show at the BamRadioNetwork ( The BAMRADIONETWORK has opened a new channel called pulse.  This show is entitled RadioActive Re:Bell Edition. Re:Bell stands for Reflexive:Bell and is a dedicated conversational format for the radio-activities.

You can listen here:

The BamRadioNetwork. Pulse in its words:

“Pulse is a social radio network focused exclusively on the education community.

Pulse is the first all-education radio social network where the collective wisdom of the education community can be heard anytime, anyplace, anywhere – unfiltered and uninterpreted.

Pulse is where amazing but previously unheard voices can be discovered and come together to begin collaborating out loud.

Pulse is a place where any educator from any part of the education village can hear and share right alongside the most influential voices in education.

Pulse is where you go to hear the real, untold stories about what’s going right in our schools and classrooms everyday, directly from the people who work in those classrooms.

Pulse is where you go to hear what educators across the field are really thinking, feeling, talking about, sharing, doing, and preparing for the future.

Pulse is where you can break out of the echo chamber and hear the full spectrum of voices that make up the education community.

Pulse is where you can hear the authentic voice and true heartbeat of the education community worldwide.

Simply said, Pulse is where any educator can host his or her own radio show on BAM Radio and be part of the amazing community that makes up the BAM Radio Network.

Why Pulse? Because to find the best ways to prepare our children for the future…
Every Educator’s Voice Should Be Heard™”

See more at:


So we have an additional channel.

Regards Andreas