RadioActive101 on World Radio Day, Friday 13th Feb 2015


To mark this occasion our partners in Portugal were featured on the main national Radio Antena1 (the Portuguese equivalent of the BBC), on radio TSF and on RTP (the public national television channel) as part of World Radio Day.

In Germany there was a show with interviews from the deputy editor of the regional newspaper ‘Rheinzeitung’ on their RadioActive101 national hub. The deputy editor commented in the interview: “I am a bit of jealous, because you have the chance to dig right into your topics without all that daily business pressure”.


In the UK at 2.00pm was a programme on Mental Health and Young People: Experiences and Perspectives. The show explores what different groups of young people in the UK think about mental health, discussing their experiences and giving their perspectives on perceived differences in help and support for mental health issues at school and college.

Mental Health and Young People