Emissão RA/Metas E5G/Rádio Manobras: 21 April 2015

Do not miss another issue of RadioActive101 METAS E5G Project in collaboration with Rádio Manobras!
“Young people and the 20th anniversary of ADILO”, broadcast live on April 18, 2015, http://pt.radioactive101.eu/no-ar and http://radiomanobras.pt/ouve/

To celebrate the anniversary of the Integrated Development Agency of Lordelo do Ouro (ADILO), this program included contributions from several people who are a major part of the institution’s history over the past 20 years.

On 21st April 2015 we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Lordelo do Ouro.  We heard from various institutions and of the need to develop a different social response to a community marked by great imbalances and vulnerabilities. Since 1995 it has focused its intervention in the creation and promotion of structures and social support services and the design and development of intervention projects in various areas.  These include employment and training, psychosocial support for children, youth, adults and families, promoting citizenship and preventing the use of psychoactive substances, etc.

Over the years their work has been fundamental to the implementation of active and innovative methodologies. Currently, ADILO is developing 4 projects (community center de Lordelo do Ouro, METAS E5G Project, RSI Protocol and CLDC) involving a significant amount of the population and local institutions.