New coordinators in RadioActive101 Portugal

RadioActive PT were awarded funding and a distinguished prize by the FCT, the National Funding Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. The prize acknowledged the work by the project team in Portugal with four youth centres (2013-14).  The funding supported the expansion and replication of RadioActive101 in Portugal in cooperation with the governmental Programa Escolhas (Choices) throughout 2015 and beyond (now with six new youth centres).  Giving support to the sustainability of the project, CIMJ has agreed locally with the Portuguese national ‘Choices Program’ to continue with the radio platform beyond the initial period and right through into this year.

I hope you will join us in welcoming the new coordinators of RadioActive101 in Portugal: Joana Alves dos Santos (Catapulta E6G), Teodoro Freitas (Escolhe Vilar E6G) and André Caeiro (Desafios E6G).  They will ensure the continued production of radio shows with the children and young people at the centres.