A foray around the music and theater scene of Neuwied – The Rhine

– at September 20th – 12:00 CEST.

The team of DSRADIO has been very active and discovered lots of cultural societies and institutions including musical societies, drama groups and plenty of bands. We proudly present one of those bands: Tiny secrets of happiness  featuring their songs and an Interview with Roman Lob. Roman is interviewed at a recent appearance at the Rhineland-Palatinate-Festival.

Also an academy of pedagogical theatre will open shortly in Neuwied.

So tune in and enjoy your Deichstadtradio-Editorial

OnAir! -> http://deichstadtradio.radioactive101.eu/onair/



– am 20.09. Punkt 12:00 Uhr live – Kommen Sie mit!
Das DSRadioteam ist ausgeschwärmt und hat spannende Vereine und Institutionen entdeckt: Musikvereine, Theatergruppen und eine Vielzahl von Bands. Eine von ihnen stellen wir Ihnen vor: Die Tiny Secrets of Happiness, live im Studio!
Und einer, der es schon ganz weit nach oben geschafft hat: Hören Sie Roman Lob auf dem Rheinland-Pfalz-Tag im Interview.
Sogar eine Akademie für Theaterpädagogik öffnet hier demnächst ihre Pforten. Wir informieren!

Viel Spaß beim Zuhören wünscht Ihnen Ihr Deichstadtradio-Redaktionsteam!

Hier gibt es die URL zur Live Sendung:
OnAir! -> http://deichstadtradio.radioactive101.eu/onair/

PLE conference 2014 in Tallinn #PLECONF #PLECONF14 #PLE2014

At the PLE conference this year the partners from Uni Koblenz-Landau – IWM Germany and Pontydisgu (Wales) performed a workshop aiming to

  1. present the theoretical framework and background behind the RadioActive-Badges 
  2. intensify interest in non-formal learning scenarios and e-learning technology 
  3. involve participants in practice and collecting own experiences
  4. demonstrate the potential activity based learning-curve for participants and recognition mechanisms through Mozilla-Open-Badges. 

We had 60 minutes to talk about experiences, acceptance and good practice.   One of the outcomes was a radio show, designed by the PLE-Participants from 4 continents. They focussed on the following topic: “Actual debates on Learning Technlogies for

a) Adults
b) HE-Students
c) Students
d) Kids
e) Toddlers

Provide in a 5 Minute Statement a) the problem, b) the impact, AND c) your subjective view”

So sit back and enjoy the results of this show here:


The presentation can be accessed here via slide-share.

Ko-N-Rad HE next show on tuesday 19:00 CEST live.

Two editorial groups will be streamed LIVE on Tuesday at 19:00 CEST.  The Group “News1” and “Die Studiengurus” http://ko-n-rad.radioactive101.eu/on-air/.  There will lively conversation and great content coming to you live from the studio. 

The group “Die Studiengurus” will provide information on nutrition, relaxation and healthy living. Tune in for a mix of serious,  humorous, sometimes a bit ironic content.

The group “News1” offers actual news around the city and campus.

New show from Deichstadtradio on Saturday 17th MAY

Deichstadtradio ON Air

The Team from Deichstadtradio bring you a topical show on the European and local elections on Saturday 17th 12:00 CEST (=GMT+2).  You are more than welcome to tune in at http://deichstadtradio.radioactive101.eu/.

A brand new and improved chat ensures a fire-line to the editorial team during the show and allows more active participation and a more personal experience.

So Tune In!

17th of May 2014 12:00 -> Deichstadtradio