RadioActive101 leaps “Into the Future” – Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Leadership Camp

DMD Pathfinders & Action Duchenne

RadioActive101 were invited to a second collaboration to promote choice, control and quality of life for teens and adults with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).  ‘Takin’ Charge’ and ‘DMD Pathfinders’ co-hosted a ground breaking event, “Into the Future” Duchenne Leadership Camp.  RadioActive101 took part at the two-day workshop (16-17 Sep 2016) at Hereward College in Coventry and highlights will be will broadcast in a future radio shocsjrqfhw8aervqew.



New coordinators in RadioActive101 Portugal

RadioActive PT were awarded funding and a distinguished prize by the FCT, the National Funding Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. The prize acknowledged the work by the project team in Portugal with four youth centres (2013-14).  The funding supported the expansion and replication of RadioActive101 in Portugal in cooperation with the governmental Programa Escolhas (Choices) throughout 2015 and beyond (now with six new youth centres).  Giving support to the sustainability of the project, CIMJ has agreed locally with the Portuguese national ‘Choices Program’ to continue with the radio platform beyond the initial period and right through into this year.

I hope you will join us in welcoming the new coordinators of RadioActive101 in Portugal: Joana Alves dos Santos (Catapulta E6G), Teodoro Freitas (Escolhe Vilar E6G) and André Caeiro (Desafios E6G).  They will ensure the continued production of radio shows with the children and young people at the centres.



Emissão RA/Metas E5G/Rádio Manobras: 21 April 2015

Do not miss another issue of RadioActive101 METAS E5G Project in collaboration with Rádio Manobras!
“Young people and the 20th anniversary of ADILO”, broadcast live on April 18, 2015, and

To celebrate the anniversary of the Integrated Development Agency of Lordelo do Ouro (ADILO), this program included contributions from several people who are a major part of the institution’s history over the past 20 years.

On 21st April 2015 we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Lordelo do Ouro.  We heard from various institutions and of the need to develop a different social response to a community marked by great imbalances and vulnerabilities. Since 1995 it has focused its intervention in the creation and promotion of structures and social support services and the design and development of intervention projects in various areas.  These include employment and training, psychosocial support for children, youth, adults and families, promoting citizenship and preventing the use of psychoactive substances, etc.

Over the years their work has been fundamental to the implementation of active and innovative methodologies. Currently, ADILO is developing 4 projects (community center de Lordelo do Ouro, METAS E5G Project, RSI Protocol and CLDC) involving a significant amount of the population and local institutions.


RadioActive101 Meet with Guests from Helsinki Metropolitan University of Applied Sciences

Earlier in October RadioActive101 in the UK met with invited guests Leena Louhivuori, Antti-Veikko Salo and Nicklas Nyman from the Helsinki Metropolitan University of Applied Sciences.  Leena and her delegation coordinate the Gloria “Culture Arena” project through the Helsinki City Youth Centre.  The Gloria project offers a wide range of cultural activities; music, visual arts, theatre & dance to unemployed young and older people.  Ideas for future collaboration with RadioActive101 are under discussion and the team has been invited to Helsinki in March 2015 to discuss future collaboration and to show how we do RadioActive101.

A foray around the music and theater scene of Neuwied – The Rhine

– at September 20th – 12:00 CEST.

The team of DSRADIO has been very active and discovered lots of cultural societies and institutions including musical societies, drama groups and plenty of bands. We proudly present one of those bands: Tiny secrets of happiness  featuring their songs and an Interview with Roman Lob. Roman is interviewed at a recent appearance at the Rhineland-Palatinate-Festival.

Also an academy of pedagogical theatre will open shortly in Neuwied.

So tune in and enjoy your Deichstadtradio-Editorial

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– am 20.09. Punkt 12:00 Uhr live – Kommen Sie mit!
Das DSRadioteam ist ausgeschwärmt und hat spannende Vereine und Institutionen entdeckt: Musikvereine, Theatergruppen und eine Vielzahl von Bands. Eine von ihnen stellen wir Ihnen vor: Die Tiny Secrets of Happiness, live im Studio!
Und einer, der es schon ganz weit nach oben geschafft hat: Hören Sie Roman Lob auf dem Rheinland-Pfalz-Tag im Interview.
Sogar eine Akademie für Theaterpädagogik öffnet hier demnächst ihre Pforten. Wir informieren!

Viel Spaß beim Zuhören wünscht Ihnen Ihr Deichstadtradio-Redaktionsteam!

Hier gibt es die URL zur Live Sendung:
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