Workshops at EC-TEL 2014


Dr Ingo Dahn and Professor Andrew Ravenscroft represented RadioActive101 presenting papers at two workshops at Tuesday’s EC-TEL 2014 Workshops (16 Sep 2014)

‘Reflections on the acceptance and success of RadioActive101: Motivation through problematisation, improved well-being, emancipation and extreme learning’ at the MATEL Workshop 2014, Graz, 16 September 2014 and on the same day

‘RadioActive101: Using internet radio to break-down
the boundaries for inclusion into smart cities’

PLE conference 2014 in Tallinn #PLECONF #PLECONF14 #PLE2014

At the PLE conference this year the partners from Uni Koblenz-Landau – IWM Germany and Pontydisgu (Wales) performed a workshop aiming to

  1. present the theoretical framework and background behind the RadioActive-Badges 
  2. intensify interest in non-formal learning scenarios and e-learning technology 
  3. involve participants in practice and collecting own experiences
  4. demonstrate the potential activity based learning-curve for participants and recognition mechanisms through Mozilla-Open-Badges. 

We had 60 minutes to talk about experiences, acceptance and good practice.   One of the outcomes was a radio show, designed by the PLE-Participants from 4 continents. They focussed on the following topic: “Actual debates on Learning Technlogies for

a) Adults
b) HE-Students
c) Students
d) Kids
e) Toddlers

Provide in a 5 Minute Statement a) the problem, b) the impact, AND c) your subjective view”

So sit back and enjoy the results of this show here:

The presentation can be accessed here via slide-share.

Next Show from UK ‘Body Image, the Media and Music’ Friday at 7pm (GMT), 27 June 2014

 ‘Body Image, the Media and Music’ includes interviews with young women, musicians and group discussions about body image, body modification, anorexia and the influence of the media.  The second part of the show explores the issues facing young female musicians in the music industry and ties in with the themes of the media’s portrayal of young women as well as giving information on where to turn to for advice and guidance.   The broadcast is a platform for young women to discuss these personal and at times upsetting issues, using the power of radio.  The show is hosted by Khaleda and Sindy from Dragon Hall youth organisation along with their youth worker Keeley Reed.

Join us this Friday at 7pm, 27 June 2014

Broadcast from Portugal Wednesday, 25, at 5pm (GMT)

Next show from Portugal will be aired on Wednesday, 25, at 5pm (GMT). It’s a special broadcast because it was produced by our newest partner, EntrEscolhas Geração D’Ouro E5G.
With this show, titled Our Voice, we close the cycle of programs dedicated to the participation in the “Seven Days with Media” operation (Portuguese media literacy initiative).
Listen on RadioActive101, on the 25th, at 5 pm, or listen to the podcast later.

Listen in here to the previous shows dedicated to he “Seven Days with Media” operation.