Facilitators’ Guide | Getting Started

  • First identify a group of people who would benefit from not only having a community radio programme but from learning all of the skills involved in making radio. Check out the tips on identifying groups on page 6.
  • Use our GEM builder (available via the Hub) to help you set up a legal structure and make some important decisions about how your programme will work.
  • As a minimum you need access to a computer, a microphone and an internet connection.  See the training materials or the Quick Start guide for info on how to get broadcasting.  A more extensive equipment list is available here.
  • Plan your show; again there are materials in the Hub to guide you through this process.
  • Create your content and broadcast it!
  • Don’t forget to tweet us @RadioActive101 with the URL so that we can help to spread the word.
  • Now use our curriculum and badges to recognise the learning and skills displayed by your group members.
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