Facilitators’ Guide | Legal Basics

Our GEM builder will guide you through the difficult bits but it’s worth doing some research into what you are and are not allowed to broadcast. There is some info here on using Creative Commons music and content.

Creative Commons

These licences enable (in this case) musicians to retain copyright protection while giving some rights to their licensees (anyone who access their work).  This enables them to have more choices about what others can do with their music. There are many different forms of CC license, so do check which one relates to the track you want to use and what the restrictions are of that license.  You can license your work through the Creative Commons website

You can use almost any song which has a CC license but you do need to read the details to check what the artist will allow you to do with it.  Some works are CC0 meaning you are free to do anything you like, but most CC licensed music isn’t free for all uses and most require you to attribute the artist.

Make sure to properly credit the musician and the track, as well as express the CC license the track is under.


Where can I find music under CC license?

The creative commons website has lots of useful information about creative commons licences and links to creative commons sites.

Keep an eye on our training website for more sources of royalty free and Creative Commons music.


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