Facilitators’ Guide | Quick Start

This quick start guide will tell you how to broadcast from a Mac. You will need to download some software. Start with the free trial versions. You can find more comprehensive information through the hub along with details of alternative software for PCs and Tablets.

1. Get your kit together

First of all you need a computer and a microphone.  You can use the in-built mic but the sound will be poor and no one will want to listen to you. Any mic you choose will be a huge improvement over the in-built one so there’s no need to spend lots of money.  A mixing desk is also a useful bit of kit if you want your radio output to sound good but you don’t need it to broadcast.

Download and install Nicecast and Soundboard on your Mac.

2. Set up a microphone

To attach an external mic to your Mac do the following;

1- Plug microphone into Mac

2- Go to Apple menu top left of screen -> system preferences -> sound -> Input -> Select the microphone

3. Sort out Streaming

Once you have all your kit in place you can start on the software. We recommend Nicecast for Mac which can be downloaded from http://www.rogueamoeba.com/nicecast/ It comes with a very good user guide and there are step by step instructions on the RadioActive Hub if you need help.

You can use the built-in Nicecast server to broadcast to a small audience.  We use internet-radio.com which offers both subscription and pay as you go packages for low fees but others are available.

4. Broadcast

Click on Start Broadcast, that’s it, you are live on air!